Professional Cooking Classes

Access A Wide Range Of Cooking Classes With Us

As a professional body for culinary training we are offering people who are passionate about the industry extensive cooking class and cooking courses. The skills that we equip you with help in your professional development at all stages of your career. Our management and strategists combined the combination of extensive curriculum with a lot of practice to come up with our special cooking classes. These cooking classes can turn out to be extremely useful and helpful when you find employment in the culinary industry.
We are upholding our training standards in our cooking courses that are a blend of fun and learning. Depending upon your area of interest, we recommend you choose cooking classes that fit your needs perfectly.

Research and Insight on what we are offering

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

Our ship’s cook certificate assessment helps you build a consistent culture in the world of food and management. We offer cooking classes to turn you into a chef on board while traveling to exotic places.

Food Safety Level 2 Award

Designed in line with all the national and regional food safety organizations, our food safety courses are a must for everyone who will be in direct contact with food and beverages. Our training performance in these cooking classes is unmatchable.

Professional Culinary Diploma

Our vision in professional culinary diploma is to make you independent to work professionally and provide you with relevant material that will make you an expert wherever you work. These cooking classes have a major impact on how your career turns out to be in the future.

Chef jobs in London, Manchester and Birmingham

Finding chef jobs after certifying through our cooking courses is a must. You will instantly be showered with rewarding chef jobs as soon as you certify because there are so many new food places that require managers, chefs and other help. Initially you can easily make up to £30,000 per annum which increases with your promotion and job roles.

Need financial

Our part time and full time cooking classes are easily affordable by anyone but if in case you are low on funds and require financial help, we are happy to sort it out for you through our 0% interest rate funding option. You can train right away and pay later once you are done with no interest involved.